The authors, editors, and publisher have taken great care to ensure that the drug, device, and material selections and applications provided in this publication align with prevailing recommendations and practices at the time of publication.

Nevertheless, in light of ongoing research, evolving government regulations, and the constant influx of information pertaining to surgical procedures, grafting materials, and techniques, we strongly encourage readers to consult the package insert before employing any discussed material. Be vigilant for any alterations in indications and additional warnings and precautions, especially when dealing with newly introduced or rarely utilized agents.

It is crucial for readers to recognize the potential risks associated with incorporating unfamiliar techniques and procedures into their practices. Treatment decisions ultimately rest with individual surgeons, who exercise their professional judgment in each unique situation. We recommend that readers seek professional advice from their colleagues and advisors.

The Company cannot guarantee the accuracy, comprehensiveness, or timeliness of the information presented and disclaims responsibility for any claims, injuries, damages, or losses stemming from the use of or reliance on the material presented or techniques demonstrated. Healthcare professionals or any other individuals may make such claims.

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