NovaBone Orthopedics: The Power to Heal


Optimized Handling

  • Interconnected porosity and robust texture
  • Highly malleable with controlled, accurate delivery
  • Bioactive strip hydrates in BMA and are compression resistant
  • IRM is irrigation resistant
  • Convenient syringes for larger defects

Bone Regeneration

  • Promote osteogenesis and osteostimulation
  • Induce regenerative bioscaffold formation
  • Rapid vascularization
  • Bioactive glass grafts are clinically equivalent to autograft
  • 99% Putty resorption after 8-12 months

Broad Portfolio Meets Surgeon Needs

  • Choose your form: Putty, Bioactive strip, IRM, MacroForm, etc.
  • Turnkey devices for convenient effective bone grafting
  • Hydratable formulations for custom combinations with autograft

Safe & Reliable

  • Over 20 years in millions of patients
  • 3+ years shelf-life
  • Partially radiopaque for post-operative evaluation



NovaBone® is a calcium phospho silicate composed of elements naturally occurring in the body. The technology platform has the proven ability to signal genetic pathways to accelerate natural bone growth. Within the field of orthopedics, NovaBone is indicated for use as an osseous defect filler capable of inducing new bone formation.

This unique technology is now available in a variety of formulations and delivery options – each developed based on surgeon preference and procedure type. NovaBone can be used alone with reliable results.

Novabone Irm

NovaBone IRM™

The IRM™ series of NovaBone grafting material has been designed to optimize osteogenesis while providing exceptional handling properties, including irrigation resistance.

Novabone Strip Bone Graft

Bioactive Strip Bone Graft

NovaBone Strip Bone Graft is a sterile bone graft composed of purified fibrillar collagen and resorbable bioactive synthetic granules. The strip has mechanical integrity such that after hydration, it becomes flexible while preserving its shape and form.


NovaBone Putty®

NovaBone Putty is a versatile bone graft substitute that is ready to use out of the package with exceptional handling characteristics that will save time and improve placement.

macro form

NovaBone MacroFORM™

MacroFORM™, NovaBone’s collagen bioactive glass scaffold, is engineered to have an open porous structure to facilitate the absorption of bone marrow aspirate and moldability after hydration.

macropor morsels

NovaBone Morsels

OS-Si+ Morsels are available in a sealed cup or pre-loaded syringe with a Luer Lock attachment which allows for easy expression of blood directly to the morsels for improved handling characteristics during implantation.


MIS Cartridge Delivery System

MIS Cartridge Putty Delivery System

NovaBone MIS delivers the original synthetic graft that signals and recruits osteoprogenitor cells while controlling the cell cycle to favor proliferation and differentiation of cells that generate new bone. NovaBone demonstrated equivalent rates of bone growth when compared to autograft.

MIS Cartridge Delivery System

MacroPor Si+

MacroPor Si+ is as a moldable continuous porous structure that can be fitted to the size and shape of the grafting site. The open structure allows for rapid vascularization and mineralization and permits complete device absorption and replacement by new bone.


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NovaBone develops biomaterials that harness the body's natural healing process while meeting the specialized needs of dental and orthopedic surgeons.
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