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NovaBone Products was established in 2002 with a focus on developing biomaterials that harness the body’s natural healing process while meeting the specialized needs of orthopedic and dental surgeons.

We offered the first bioactive glass product to the medical community and demonstrated that our technology platform recruits, differentiates and proliferates bone cells. Today, our company offers the largest portfolio of regenerative biologics that include bone formation products, as well as products that repair and remodel tissue.

NovaBone’s bone graft substitutes and collagen matrix devices have been used for nearly two decades in millions of clinical applications with unparalleled success validating the safety and efficacy of our technology.

NovaBone’s bone graft substitutes build strong bone fast through an engineered cellular response that accelerates the regeneration of bone.


The only synthetic proven to signal genetic pathways to build strong bone fast.


Capable of signaling and recruiting osteoprogenitor cells the “stem cells” for bone.


The only bone graft substitute that controls the osteoblast cycle to favor proliferation and differentiation of bone-forming cells.

NovaBone’s collagen and resorbable bioactive synthetic formulations, optimize osteogenesis, uniquely signal and stimulate osteoblastic activity, and offer angiogenic potential. The technology has proven to out-perform traditional calcium sulfate based synthetic products and demineralized bone matrix products.

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Our products are available through a network of distributors and are available anywhere in the world.

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