NovaBone Porous Granules


Next generation synthetic bone graft, engineered with interconnected porosity to facilitate quicker bone integration and remodeling.

Interconnected Porous Granules for Faster Bone Integration and Remodeling

NovaBone Granules, also known as Dental Morsels, are crystalline and composed of Calcium-Phosphosilicate, a combination of naturally occurring elements in the body. With a particle size of up to 1mm, 65%porositywith pore sizes of up to 200microns, the granules are engineered to provide optimum stability at the defect site while facilitating regeneration. The controlled porosity aids in slow resorption and transformation into bone over a period of 12-18 months.


Surface Area

Granules have surface texture that significantly increases the surface area for osteoblast attachment!

Partially radio-Opaque

Granules can be visualized on the radiograph as having a denser appearance than the adjacent tissue.


Granules exhibit enhanced bone regeneration rates due to osteostimulation phenomenon.

Storage & Shelf Life

Granules do not require special storage conditions.



Clinical Indications

Dental Granules give better structural support to the defect than putty devices and hence provide a good choice for reconstructive surgeries in esthetic areas.

  • Guided Bone Regeneration

  • Ridge Augmentations

  • Lateral Window Sinus Elevations

  • Fenestration/Dehiscence Defects

  • Peri-implantitis



Granules are available in vials and are perfect for use with hand instruments and for mixing with blood or PRF. A mixture of NovaBone Dental Morsels with an equal volume of autograft bone and/or bone marrow may improve new bone formation, particularly in large defects. Please contact your local distributor for sizes and availability in your region.

Reference No.



0.25g (0.5cc) Vial


0.5g (1.0cc) Vial


1.0g (2.0cc) Vial


2 x 1.5g (3.0cc) Vials


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