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The next generation Calcium-Phosphosilicate bone substitute engineered for enhanced handling and predictable results. NovaBone® Dental Putty is ready to use and extremely user-friendly. It is pre-mixed, cohesive, moldable, and adaptable. NovaBone® Dental Putty is stable at room temperature, does not require refrigeration, has a 4-year shelf-life, and appears partially opaque on radiographs.

Clinical Indications

NovaBone Dental Putty is cleared by the US FDA for use in periodontal/infrabony defects, ridge augmentation (sinusotomy, osteotomy, cystectomy), extraction sites (ridge maintenance/augmentation, implant preparation/placement), sinus lifts, cystic cavities, and cranio-facial augmentation. It is particularly convenient for use in crestal and lateral cinus elevation, immediate implants, partial extraction therapies, socket preservations, and periodontal defects.


Unique Formulation

NovaBone® Dental Putty is 100% synthetic and fully resorbable. It is composed of calcium phosphosilicate (CPS) particles in a bimodal size distribution combined with a polyethylene glycol and glycerine binder. The binder improves handling and aids in maintaining the space between the particles, which facilitates revascularization after implantation. The bioactive CPS component makes up 70% of the putty. Upon implantation, the water-soluble binder is absorbed within 24 to 72 hours, creating a 3-dimensional porous scaffold that facilitates diffusion of blood and tissue fluids through the matrix. The smaller CPS particles (32-125 μm) are more rapidly resorbed, providing the initial burst of Ca and P ions. Subsequently, the larger particles (90-710 μm) react, and being more resistant to resorption, sustain the process of bone regeneration until they are fully resorbed and replaced with high quality living bone.

Grafting Simplified

NovaBone® Dental Putty is available in multiple delivery options: trays, pre-filled syringes, and a unique industry-first cartridge delivery system. NovaBone® is the only graft material in the world that is available in disposable uni-dose cartridges. The cartridges simplify dispensing of the graft, especially in hard-to-reach areas, thus facilitating minimally invasive techniques (and hard-to-access defects such as gaps in immediate implant placement and crestal-approach sinus lifts). Cartridges are available in various sizes and are used in conjunction with NovaBone's® cartridge delivery system; each cartridge holds 0.25cc or 0.5cc of putty.

Smart Science™

Unlike most synthetic grafts that are only osteoconductive, bioactive NovaBone® Dental Putty also has an "osteostimulative" effect. After implantation, surface reactions result in absorption of the graft material, a controlled release of Si, Ca, and P ions, and concurrent new bone formation. These surface reactions result in an osteostimulative affect, defined as the stimulation of osteoblast proliferation in vitro as evidenced by increased DNA content and elevated osteocalcin and alkaline phosphatase levels.


NovaBone Dental Putty is available in multiple delivery options: trays, pre-filled syringes and a unique cartridge delivery system. The diameter of the cannula is 2.8mm which is ideal for dispensing of the graft, especially in minimally invasive techniques such as gaps in immediate implant and crestal approach sinus lifts. Cartridges are available in various sizes and are used in conjunction with cartridge dispenser.

Products are available through a network of distributors world-wide, with a presence in over 40 countries. Not all dispensing formats are available in all countries.

Please check with your local distributor for sizes, configurations, and availability.

NovaBone Dental Putty
Cartridge System

Reference No.



0.25cc Cartridges (green) 4/Pack


0.5cc Cartridges (blue) 2/Pack


0.5cc Cartridges (blue) 6/pack


Cartridge dispensing gun

NovaBone Dental Putty
Syringe Delivery

Reference No.



0.5cc Syringe 1/Pack


1.0cc Syringe 1/Pack


2.0cc Syringe 1/Pack


2.5cc Syringe 1/Pack

NovaBone Dental Putty
Clam Shell

Reference No.



0.5cc Shell 1/Pack


1.0cc Shell 1/Pack


1.5cc Shell 2/Pack


0.5cc Shell 6/Pack


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