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NovaBone, Leader in Regenerative Healing, Launches New Website

NovaBone enters an exciting phase of accessible digital services with its newly redesigned website. 

Alachua, Fla., June, 2024–Industry-leading biotechnology company NovaBone today announced the launch of its new website, a customized and interactive digital resource for its customers. The website refresh acts as a major milestone in its continued growth and a key step in preparing for the launch of premier innovations later in the year.

Sharing a bit of vision on NovaBone’s strategic marketing efforts, Carolin Archibald, CEO, said, “The NovaBone story has always been one of regenerative solutions. Our new website enables us to more impactfully communicate to customers, distributors, and surgeons, strengthening our tireless commitment to innovating safe and advanced healing technologies. We are also excited to offer a higher quality and enhanced digital experience to our key stakeholders.”

NovaBone’s website features product-specific, interactive pages that highlight the deep understanding of and respect for the science of bone healing. Throughout the website, visitors can expect to learn about the bioactive properties of Bioglass to support the body's natural healing processes, or they can peruse numerous clinical and scientific publications. The refreshed website is a place where distributors, customers and key opinion leaders can read about the technology and learn about the company’s broad portfolio of regenerative bioglass grafting solutions.

NovaBone’s bioactive bone graft devices have been used for over two decades in millions of clinical applications with unparalleled success validating the safety and efficacy of our technology.

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About NovaBone

NovaBone, a Halma company, is privately held and based in Florida since 2002. NovaBone developed the first bioactive synthetic bone graft offered to the orthopedic community and has long been at the forefront of bioactive glass bone graft devices. It has developed numerous formulations and delivery systems of its patented, bioactive technology platform that results in accelerated bone growth. In total, their exclusively formulated bone graft substitute has been used for the repair of osseous defects throughout the skeletal system for over a decade and used in over a million clinical applications with unparalleled success validating the safety and efficacy of NovaBone's technology.

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