Novabone® Products

NovaBone® is a calcium phospho silicate composed of elements naturally occurring in the body. The technology platform has the proven ability to signal genetic pathways to accelerate natural bone growth. Within the field of orthopedics, NovaBone is indicated for use as an osseous defect filler capable of inducing new bone formation.

This unique technology is now available in a variety of formulations and delivery options – each developed based on surgeon preference and procedure type. NovaBone can be used alone with reliable results.

PROVEN Bone Formation

The unique, engineered ionic release of Si, Ca and phosphate ions results in the stimulation a family of genes that are known to be critical to the repair and regeneration of bone tissue. This process, unique to NovaBone® as a synthetic bone graft material, is defined as osteostimulation.

Osteostimulation leads to a catalytic response that accelerates the natural healing process and bone regeneration.

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