Brian Carlisle as the company’s new CEO.

NovaBone Welcomes Medical Device Expert to Their Leadership Team

Leaders in biologic medical devices, NovaBone, has today announced Brian Carlisle as the company’s new CEO. With a focus on developing biomaterials that harness the body’s natural healing process and meeting the specialized needs of orthopedic and dental surgeons, the addition of Mr. Carlisle will play a critical role in the continued growth of the organization.

Carlisle has an extensive career in the medical device industry, with 17 years of experience. He has worked with organizations such as Integra LifeSciences and Perma Pure LLC, mastering his skills in operations, sales, business process improvement, marketing, and much more.

Before taking on the role of CEO, Brian held a position on NovaBone's Board of Directors for 10 months, working towards building the brand and generating momentum for the company.

"Since joining NovaBone, I have noticed many impressive qualities that permeate throughout the organization. First, there is an energy and passion amongst our people and a collective mindset that is focused on the patients we serve. There is also a strong comradery amongst our employees which creates an environment where everyone feels welcomed and accepted. Moving forward, I am excited to see NovaBone leverage our resources and capabilities in bioactive glass and collagen manufacturing to bring new technology to market as we continue the journey to improve patient outcomes." – Brian Carlisle, NovaBone CEO

As the new CEO, Brian will use his extensive leadership and management skills to further enhance the growth of NovaBone, improve customer experiences, and reach new markets.

For more information on Mr. Carlisle and his new position, visit

About NovaBone

NovaBone is a privately held company based in Florida since 2002. NovaBone developed the first bioactive synthetic bone graft offered to the orthopedic community and has long been at the forefront of bioactive glass bone graft devices. It has developed numerous formulations and delivery systems of its patented, bioactive technology platform that results in accelerated bone growth.

In total, their exclusively formulated bone graft substitute has been used for the repair of osseous defects throughout the skeletal system for over a decade and used in over a million clinical applications with unparalleled success validating the safety and efficacy of NovaBone's technology.

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