Controlled, Exact, Reliable Delivery

NovaBone MIS delivers the only synthetic graft that signals and recruits osteoprogenitor cells while controlling the cell cycle to favor proliferation and differentiation of cells that generate new bone. NovaBone demonstrated equivalent rates of bone growth when compared to autograft.

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MIS Cartridge Delivery System

Reference No. Description
NB6610 MIS Cartridge System, 10cc
NB6600 MIS Cartridge Handle
NB6650 MIS Cartridge Refill, 5cc

MIS Cartridge Delivery System

  • The NovaBone Putty MIS Cartridge Delivery System comes preloaded, and is available with multiple cartridges for  ease of use.
  • Flexible tip allows for graft placement in difficult to  reach areas.
  • Plunger marking for ease of monitoring dispensed volume.
  • Approved for use as stand-alone device in  posterolateral spine.

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