MacroPor Si+

MacroPor Si+ is as a moldable continuous porous structure that can be fitted to the size and shape of the grafting site. The open structure allows for rapid vascularization and mineralization and permits complete device absorption and replacement by new bone.

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NovaBone Strip Bone Graft

Reference No. Description
NB2501 1.6cc, 2.0-5.0mm Morsels
NB2502 2.6cc, 2.0-5.0mm Morsels
NB2505 5cc, 2.0-5.0mm Morsels
NB2508 8cc, 2.0-5.0mm Morsels
NB2510 10cc, 2.0-5.0mm Morsels
NB2515 15cc, 2.0-5.0mm Morsels

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Moldable Continous Porous
Osteostimulative Bone Graft

  • Interconnected porosity for accelerated healing
  • Formable, robust texture, will not migrate
  • Ready to use out of package

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