NovaBone MacroFORM™
Bioactive Packable and Moldable Composite Devices

MacroFORM™, NovaBone’s collagen bioactive glass scaffold, is engineered to have an open porous structure to facilitate the absorption of bone marrow aspirate.

  • Mixes with bone marrow to yield a porous
    scaffold that facilitates bone growth.

  • Collagen provides sites for cell
    and protein binding.

MIS Delivery System
Bioactive Strip Bone Graft

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ITEM DESCRIPTION Volume Catalog Number
MacroForm Bioactive Packable Graft 5.0cc NB0305
MacroForm Bioactive Packable Graft 10.0cc NB0310
MacroForm Bioactive Packable Graft 15.0cc NB0315
MacroForm Bioactive Packable Graft 20.0cc NB0320
MacroForm Bioactive Moldable Composite 1cc NB4301
MacroForm Bioactive Moldable Composite 2.5cc NB4302
MacroForm Bioactive Moldable Composite 5cc NB4305
MacroForm Bioactive Moldable Composite 10cc NB4310

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