How To Order
PerioGlas®and NovaBone Dental Putty®

NovaBone Dental products are distributed through our marketing and distribution partners in over 40 countries world-wide. They are available in various sizes and configurations; please contact your local distributor/dealer for available options.

US & Canada:
Osteogenics Biomedical: +1 888-796-1923

List of Available products in US & Canada

Reference No. Description
NA0220 0.5cc x 2 cups
NA0260 0.5cc x 6 cups
NovaBone Dental Putty
Reference No. Description
NA0660 0.5cc x 6 Shells
NA0622 1.5cc x 2 Shells
NA0610 0.5cc x 1 Shell
NA0611 1.0cc x 1 Shell
NA1610 0.5cc x 1 Syringe
NA1611 1.0cc x 1 Syringe
NA1612 2.0cc x 1 Syringe
NA3620 0.5cc x 2 Cartridges
NA3621 1.0cc x 2 Cartridges
NA3640 0.5cc x 4 Cartridges
NA3600 Cartridge Dispenser

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