Bioactive Strip Bone Graft
Signals & Recruits Osteoprogenitor Cells

NovaBone Strip Bone Graft is a sterile bone graft composed of purified fibrillar collagen and resorbable bioactive synthetic granules. The open structure allows for rapid vascularization and mineralization and permits complete device absorption and replacement by new bone.

MIS Delivery System
Bioactive Strip Bone Graft

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NovaBone Strip Bone Graft
Reference No. Description
NB2305 NovaBone Strip, 50mmx25mmx4mm
NB2310S NovaBone Strip, 50mmx25mmx8mm
NB2310L NovaBone Strip, 100mmx25mmx4mm
NB2320 NovaBone Strip, 100mmx25mmx8mm

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